Executive Protection

With over 40+ years of unwavering commitment to law enforcement, Native Brigade possesses a wealth of expertise in safeguarding the well-being and security of executives, VIPs, Celebrities, and Personnel. Our extensive experience, honed through decades of dedicated service, equips us with the knowledge, skills, and insights necessary to provide unparalleled protection. We understand the unique challenges and intricacies involved in safeguarding high-profile individuals and that's why you should choose Native Brigade as your go-to source of protection

Because we are retired Law Enforcement, our men/women has what it takes to devise and report on your action plan, working with local law enforcement and utilizing personnel who have the right blend of training to devise and report on your plan of action, collaborating with local authorities and utilizing real-time information to ensure your security and wellbeing. At Native Brigade, our men/women are vetted, trained, and ready for one purpose only---keeping you safe.