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We offer a vast array of security services both locally and internationally which involves armed security, armed executive protection, drone services, combat arms instruction, back ground investigations, k9 special services. We also provide cyber security support, communications support, information technology, as well as management and consulting services. //
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My NAICS & PCS Codes

armed & unarmed security
executive (VIP) Security
personal security
residential security
k9 services
drone services
combat arms instructor (CATM)
commercial security
cyber security


Zoongide'ewin is an Ojibwe expression which means bravery and courage, and is the hallmark of our business. Bravery and Courage are qualities that involve facing fear, adversity, or danger with determination and a willingness to take action, even when the outcome is uncertain. Pushing through discomfort or fear and showing resilience in difficult circumstances. With this as our core belief we will strive to put you, our customer first, and relentlessly pursue high quality service and customer satisfaction.