Drone Services

Who we are

Native Brigade was founded in 2023 by a retired Police Officer and retired Air National Guardsman. Our purpose from the onset is to provide the best services available for our clients. One of those services is the Parrot Anafi USA.

The Parrot Anafi USA is one of the top competitors for the best on the market, we can assure our clients that they will receive top notch service; from Traffic related reconstruction, Bridge Inspections, Thermal imaging of power stations, Search and Rescue, Remote Ops and more.

As an Air Force Veteran, LE Veteran and Native American owned business, we are capable of providing the highest quality of services and look forward to working for the State of Hawaii, local communities and clients.

Capable of servicing:

Department of defense
Surveillance and Security
Police and military
Videography and Photography
Agricultural and archeological
and much more!

Drone Services customized for your needs!